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MY EX ID # 1506
Added Jun 7, 2013

Saree Lincoln

18 years old in Brawley, California

"Liar and cheater..."

Anonymous1506 says: Now this is my first time doing this but this girl just ruined me... We were in a relationship for three years and where already thinking about marriage as soon as we could both become stable. Now me being one year older than her I moved away to college first hoping that she would follow... I was wrong. She began to exhibit signs that she was cheating as soon as I left. Now we already had some trust issues but they only got worse overtime. I admit I was a bit anxious about the way she was changing but I overlooked it every time something came up. We have been breaking up on and off since November now and I always came back to her because I loved her. Just recently we decided to really try one last time at a relationship because we had loved each other so much. But just today I found out she has had a secret affair with another man on the side and has had sex with him multiple times now... She even admitted to having sex and cheating on me before I even left! She has been playing me the entire relationship and I feel she deserves every bit of what I am doing to her now. Now everyone enjoy.. and please understand how she destroyed me and ruined me. Ps. She is eighteen in all of these pictures so she is not underage.

She's creepy when she puts on all her make up, like she's trying to be a real life doll. --Casey

These are all of the pictures she sent to me... Most of them she\\\'s sent to other guys along with me :(

HD Video 1
HD Video 2
HD Video 3
HD Video 4

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8 Responses so far...

  1. finder says:

    This has gone quiet?

  2. TerminalShutdown says:

    Are there any pics of this chick where’s she not making a retarded face? Pretty hot, but less than half of these were even worth posting. Got any more?

  3. doc says:

    what she thinkin got a hot body grow up cunt tits,,/

  4. doc says:

    duh!! take your unders off/

  5. dohdoh says:

    Ha! Sorry dude… I was f***ing this ho last yr too. Ho do so but man that pussy was good

  6. dan says:

    cheating sluts need to be punished

  7. Greg Reams says:

    She looks like a retard with no tits. I think you could do a lot better!!

  8. Dick Smith says:

    This sluts face has more craters than the moon. She needs to fix that acne. And her eyes look like she may be rocking just a touch of downs syndrome….

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