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Added Jan 20, 2013

Ashley Brassfield Gephart

27 years old in Fresno, California

"Ashley Brassfield Fresno's Biggest Freshoe"

This girl went behind her husbands back the was serving his country in the air force, and cheats on him for another guy. She used her new lover to only escape the life as a wife. Ex husband Ryan gets remarried and his new wife puts Ashley on blast!LOL After find that out she makes his life a living hell and blames him for just loving her, and once again cheats on him. rnrnAttention All you Frat boys don’t expect much oooo or ahhhs from this one. A goodnight of fun nothing more and if you plant it in the right place she might just think of her ex husband Ryan. Ashley Brassfield loves to play the victim, don’t be fooled she’s been doing this for a very very long time. An innsecure selfish heartless BiTcH!!!!rnWatch out for this lieing Hoe at Swiggs, Red Wave or in Tower District people. She'll put on the little miss innocent Christian Girl Act for you all.

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29 Responses so far...

  1. MW..... says:

    Wow way to represent those last names slut…as it will forever continue on…your’re a legend now;)

  2. CC says:

    Amazing how Far one Pretzel can go…….

  3. 696 says:

    You don’t know how you got here
    You just know you want out
    Believing in yourself
    Almost as much as you doubt
    You’re a big smash
    You wear it like a rash

  4. Dan'l says:

    Like it.

  5. Farleft says:

    Here comes the smasher
    Here comes the master
    Here comes the big beat
    Big beat to blast ya
    No time to quit now
    Just time to get it now
    Pick up what I’m putting down
    Pick up what I’m putting down

  6. asasse says:

    Wow. She is fucking beautiful. Shame she is a cheating slut. Still, hottest girl on this site.

  7. kevin says:

    hey Doesnt this girl I work at a preschool teacher at Northside church on Sundays in Fresno.

  8. James J says:

    Her dead father must be so proud on how she’s representing the “Brassfield” name.

  9. waheed says:

    hi sweety pls can u add me at my massenger or kik lonleyman2007

  10. Alexandra says:

    Found her Facebook. Looks like she’s either married again or embarrassed of her last name Brassfield

  11. MW07272013 says:

    See Ashley I never loose and now this spanking is going too last a Lifetime<3

  12. Suno94 says:

    This girl is a perfect example of a Stepford Wife, lots of them found around the valley, oh and don’t forget the crack whores.

  13. Tosontei says:

    Yummy us Oakland brothas love going to Fresno for some easy Hoe PUSSY!!! Shaw has it all….

  14. josh says:

    OMG she’s lives in my apartment complex “Scottsmen” small world it is or is it the town….

  15. MrCuck says:

    Maybe my wife and I should move to Fresno so she can be sexed by some big black bulls from Oakland.

  16. Tim says:

    Hey!!! I banged this chick back in late 2012. Being that small mouth she has, she never had a problem fitting it around my cock. Some tit implants are very much needed though….

  17. kent says:

    Wanna go too town on her sluty well broken in ASS;)

  18. Farleft says:

    the finale of your hoe is soon Alex Soares:) it will be a dirty free for all;)

  19. 831wt says:

    Stupify your world!!!

  20. Sw831 says:

    This life is right in front of me. You think you can beat me but now you’ll see. I don’t really want to let you live baby come around I’ll knock you down. Touch me and I’ll break your face!

  21. brassfield cats meow says:

    Whore:p Salinas is mine!!!!

  22. johnny says:

    like the 2nd picture

  23. Garden of Eve says:


  24. Alumi says:

    You don’t know how you got here….
    Babe it must be ArT.

  25. Farleft says:

    Hold me. Thrill me. Kiss me. Kill Me…..

  26. New Or says:

    Pound The Alarm!!!
    3 yr!!!!

  27. JillV says:

    Remains a Classic Forever…..p.s Lucifer

  28. dmc says:

    What a cunt for cheating on a military man. Congrats to her ex husband Ryan for Finding his dream girl . any bitch like Ashley deserves this shit!!!

  29. Cyclops says:

    Just – la la la la la – It goes around the world
    Just – la la la la la – It’s all around the world
    Just – la la la la la – And everybody’s singing 
    La la la la la – And now the bells are ringing

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