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Added Oct 11, 2013

Brittany Cintron

26 years old in Santiago, Peru

"Brittany Cintron Has Sex With Her Dad & Cheats!"

Anonymous 7057 says: I found out that my exwife was having sex with her father. Her name is Brittany Cintron. I divorced the bitch and found out that she got me in over 20,000 in debt and I ended up with an STD.rnrnAfter I kicked her out, she moved into my dads house yes, my own fathers Eddie Cintron of El Paso house, and shared a bedroom with him!!! How sick is that! He later gave her 10,000 and bought her a truck! So you know theyrnwere also having sex!!!rnrnShe used to work for an Orthodontix dental office in El Paso till she got fired when she was caught giving a doctor a blow job in the parking lot. She will do anything for money and then leave you in the dirt!rnrnShe is supposed to be a Jehovahs Witness but she really isnt. She is a dirty whore. Google her name and you will find tons of her naked pictures and her sex videos.rnrnShe is a member of the Marwood Congregation of the El Paso Jehovahs Witness church. She moved to Peru recently and married some dude from there that she met on the internet. His name is Daniel Vasquez and he speaks no English

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9 Responses so far...

  1. only1 says:

    What really happened? She figured out what a loser you were and moved on to the next guy? If you get a job other than at Walmart or McDonald’s maybe the next will will stick around longer than 5 minutes. Any bitch that steals a mans dog need fucking by a camel , sympathies to ya bro. Props to Bullyville for posting her on his website otherwise i never have found her. She’s good looking with a sweet little body!

  2. only1 says:

    and her sex tape is AMAZING. but Somehow OP I hope this girl figures out you did this and her father and five brothers find you and seriously compromise your ability to keep breathing. It’s exactly what you deserve

  3. juansanchez says:

    well this explains a lot. I always knew that Brittany was weird, but I thought it was a lie when I heard the rumors. no wonder she ended up moving back home with daddy.

  4. Brittany says:

    I’m a slut and there’s nothing wrong with that I just like giving guys blowjobs and licking girls pussies and having sex but if you have a problem with me call this number 484-714-5354

  5. jakesdad says:

    Brittney, where can I find your video???

  6. johnny dough says:

    try Googling it dumb ass, just like I just did. she’s sexy hot.

  7. Major Woody says:

    James McGibney of 5761 Algonquin Way, San Jose, CA 95138-2205 claims to be an internet White Knight who wants to save this girl from her mean father and revenge porn. McGibney failed to tell her that he owns a revenge porn website called Cheaterville which posted these exact same photos for several years and had millions of views. But James is a nice guy who only wants to help people against bullying. Right?

  8. fucken hate people says:

    all bullshit

  9. eptx says:

    where can i find the actual video and not a torrent ?

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