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Added Apr 8, 2013

Victoria Fambisayi

in Harare, Zimbabwe

"Harare's little whore"

Lives in Harare, Zimbabwe she is a real lair and a freak. She knowingly infects guys with STDs gential herpes and hiv. Beautiful but dangerous. 25 years old as of December 24, 2013. She has 2 boys different dads.

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8 Responses so far...

  1. Stormpike says:


  2. Bigdick says:

    I wld love to fuck her.Shez a handful…

  3. speeluker says:

    She is beautiful and I wouldn’t mind fucking her but I’m afraid that my dick would fall off.

  4. Stiffen Kochen says:

    Problem is with African girls you need to wear 25 condoms to be safe!

    It kind of deadens the sensitivity!

  5. Stiff Cookie says:

    Ass is a good shape, just like a Malteser!

  6. speeluker says:

    Oh baby, strut your shit and don’t shave that hair. She’s fuckin hot.

  7. speeluker says:

    I’ll bet she can crack a walnut with her ass so so sexy.

  8. johnny says:

    it would be hard to resist that death trap, hot ass and love the hairy pussy

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