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MY EX ID # 7934
Added Oct 31, 2013

Saige "Jizzy" Thomas

22 years old in Council Bluffs, Iowa


Anonymous 7934 says: I cant believe she left me for some fat fuck.


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4 Responses so far...

  1. 4.75_inches says:

    Mmmm… I want this gurl!

  2. Texas boy says:

    This pretty bitch needs some black dick in her

  3. Johnny says:

    Now she is chocking down fat little cock.. does that piss you off?

  4. YT says:

    @Texas boy, inferior Negroes should never come in contact with superior Caucasians. Members of the Negro species are inferior animals and they should not be allowed to genetically infect the superior white race. Suggesting that this girl commit an act of bestiality with a Negro animal is disgusting.

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