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MY EX ID # 1715
Added Jun 16, 2013

Alessa Murray

22 years old in Wichita, Kansas

"She couldnt stop cheating."

Anonymous1715 says:Not that great in bed, only does missionary nothing else, cheated on me a week after we first dated and then for 5 months with some guy. Then again while I was gone in California on business for 3 weeks

You should have dropped her after the first time. --Casey

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20 Responses so far...

  1. Stormpike says:


  2. Reddawn91 says:

    Just had sex with her

  3. Reddawn91 says:

    She is dating somebody and the dude doesnt relize that she is cheating on him…. Lmao

  4. Big playa says:

    Haha I just banged this chick a month ago then the next day said she was dating someone. Poor sucker

  5. Reddawn91 says:

    Big playa, whats ur name

  6. Reddawn91 says:

    I was fucking her while she was dating the dude

  7. Reddawn91 says:

    Where did u bang her at? At her apartment when her kids were there or at ur place

  8. Big playa says:

    I banged her at my place she drove to me. I don’t want to put my name in here. She just later there looking at my it was kind of creepy.

  9. Reddawn91 says:

    What side of town bro

  10. Reddawn91 says:

    Yea she did the same to me, she just laid there, i had to do all the work

  11. Reddawn91 says:

    Three 1 6 eight o seven twelve o 4

  12. TiberiusT says:

    Ahh a dimple to rest my balls on

  13. danny says:

    Hi text me 3163717227

  14. Fell for it says:

    This bitch is crazy. She’s a liar and will use you for anything you’ve got. A place to stay so she can “get her kids back,” money, etc. She has a new man every week. Do yourself a favor, and steer clear of this one.

  15. Countryredneck1988 says:

    First off I would like to say that “fell for it” your probably just pissed off cause you couldn’t have this girl and that she probably don’t want you cause first off your not a man for saying shit about this girl and two you probably have a small dick that couldn’t please a goat! So grow the fuck up you stupid pice of shit and to any person that post shit like this about their exes or some guy or girl they had relations with!

  16. Countryredneck1988 says:

    One nobody has any right to do this to another person, two it’s nobody else’s business but that individuals! You and any person that post this shot is a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to be happy ever! Jesus said ” he who lives without sin may cast the first stone” nobody in this world is perfect everybody has their own faults and issues but that is between them and God!

  17. Countryredneck1988 says:

    Last but not least, you are not a man and nor will you ever be if this is the way you treat women! Maybe it should be you who should be on here not this beautiful woman! She obvisiouly has priorities and one of them is not your ass!!!!
    I feel sorry for your ass cause I’m sure you can’t even keep a woman if this is the way you treat them

  18. Countryredneck1988 says:

    And “fell for it”
    If I ever find you or come in contact with you or the douche bag loser that posted this I will personally beat the living piss and shit out of them and remove their nuts with a spoon and shove one up their ass and the other down their throat! No woman should ever have to go thru this!

  19. Countrygirl10 says:

    “Fell for it” aka Zack, your NOT A REAL MAN, grow the hell up, she has her own place your the one that won’t leave, you and dog need to get the hell out before her kids come home, if your not I will find out where she lives and remove all your stuff along with your dog, mess with her and her family again if you do you have it coming to you I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!

  20. Fell for it says:

    Good luck finding my nuts…..I have a vagina lmao

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