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Added Jun 16, 2013

Alessa Murray

22 years old in Wichita, Kansas

"She couldnt stop cheating."

Anonymous1715 says:Not that great in bed, only does missionary nothing else, cheated on me a week after we first dated and then for 5 months with some guy. Then again while I was gone in California on business for 3 weeks

You should have dropped her after the first time. --Casey

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13 Responses so far...

  1. Stormpike says:


  2. Reddawn91 says:

    Just had sex with her

  3. Reddawn91 says:

    She is dating somebody and the dude doesnt relize that she is cheating on him…. Lmao

  4. Big playa says:

    Haha I just banged this chick a month ago then the next day said she was dating someone. Poor sucker

  5. Reddawn91 says:

    Big playa, whats ur name

  6. Reddawn91 says:

    I was fucking her while she was dating the dude

  7. Reddawn91 says:

    Where did u bang her at? At her apartment when her kids were there or at ur place

  8. Big playa says:

    I banged her at my place she drove to me. I don’t want to put my name in here. She just later there looking at my it was kind of creepy.

  9. Reddawn91 says:

    What side of town bro

  10. Reddawn91 says:

    Yea she did the same to me, she just laid there, i had to do all the work

  11. Reddawn91 says:

    Three 1 6 eight o seven twelve o 4

  12. TiberiusT says:

    Ahh a dimple to rest my balls on

  13. danny says:

    Hi text me 3163717227

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