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MY EX ID # 5972
Added Sep 18, 2013

Rea O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'neal

28 years old in Alexandria, Louisiana

"Gold digger"

Anonymous 5972 says: She only messes with supervisors and guys with money at work. She sent these pics and video to me and a friend at the same time. Now we arent friends because hes in love with her hoe ass. Oh and her husband worked with both of us.


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  1. brady says:

    nice shaved pussy… let me lick that

  2. Super Seekret Squirrel says:

    good for her, if it wasn’t for promiscuous women none of us would ever get laid!! that pussy looks great, I suggest you get yourself some money…does she like white guys?

  3. Country says:

    This woman is a federal officer at the pollock Louisiana federal prison

  4. killacali says:

    I hope none of you fools hit that shit. Her husband got that “shit” from a bitch I know. When she gets those test results back saying she got that HPV she gonna realize that nigga ain’t changed

  5. NewOrleans says:

    I know her nigga fucked Chandler when they went to Glynco together and I know she got herpes bad as shit. So all you Pollock motherfuckers got that “shit”. Roflmmfao.

  6. Rachael says:

    I heard a rumor that she is messing with Michael crittle now. If you are girl just know your not the only one. I messed with him and not only did he come up SHORT the lying asshole gave me an STD

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