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MY EX ID # 1725
Added Jun 17, 2013

Tanya Roslan

22 years old in Pasadena, Maryland

"she wants it all"

Anonymous 1725 says: We use to date. I still remember what a freak she was.

A mcdouble is only $1 at mcdonalds. Somebody be kind and give her one. --Casey

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  1. Gary Blunt says:

    Tanya is really hurting for cash and has been known to give great head for $50. Drop her a note on FB!

  2. white power says:

    hahah thiss fuckin crazy!! i kno this girl she really was hurtin for cash n was babysittin, she joined the national guard n now mommy n daddy pay for everything.. must b nice. unfortunately i havent got to fuck her yet tho, but we did mess around a lil n she fucked my friend the same night within a half hour actually lol i kno were not suppose to post numbers so i wont, but ill say some random ass numbers for no reason. (; nine seven two, eight eight three, two five seven five

  3. Dongo says:

    Student Counseling Center Student Services Building 4.600. Phone (24 Hour): nine seven two, eight eight three, two five seven five. Office Hours Monday 8:30 am – 6 pm. Tuesday, Wednesday

  4. johnny says:

    nice pussy

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