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MY EX ID # 1990
Added Jun 23, 2013

Madison Reiling

20 years old in Blue Springs, Missouri

"Fucks like a champ, then goes HULK! wtf. lol."

Anonymous1990 says:Short story is.I Met her through a friend at her apartment party. The very next day I get a text from her asking if I want to hang out, she has a body total butterface if you cant tell. ya know, everything's nice but her face. The conversation got real dirty, real fast, I go over there, she shows me the apartment and she pushes me on the bed and says 'So you ready to fuck?' and thats where it starts. Pretty good sex, she didnt stop for shit and had no limit to her energy. Awesome stuff. However in the living room sitting on the couch she comes in and sits by me, hugs me, and we are chatting, then out of fucking nowhere she starts crying, then dramatically sobbing, abouthow she wants to be with me and her boyfriend is an asshole, I'm like "What boyfriend?!" and she goes yeah i didnt tell yo because i like you. and shes going on about how hes so mean and she wants to be with me now. also found out she has a son she put off on her mom for us to bang. Then shes screaming because i didn't answer right away, i was a little taken back "WHAT YOU DONT CARE EITHER!" she said and it reminded me of anger management where the girl throws the brownies... SCARY.So I literally just take off and gtfo of there, this was a couple months ago, last night I get a text from her HEY MISS YOU! and a conversation starts, she blows up out of nowhere again because I dont respect her and her boyfriends relationship. and Im just trying to come in between them... keep in mind this is like 15 texts without me responding finally blocked her number But here is the goodies for you! Id post her number but thats a bit much.

Way to dodge the bullet bro. Dating her may have scarred you for life. --Casey

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19 Responses so far...

  1. nanya says:

    Where’s her eyebrows?

  2. Bob Madden says:

    What a great ass!

  3. HARLEY says:

    tatoos change alot on that girl

  4. HARLEY says:

    color of phone changed as did that tatoo hmm

  5. H8TE says:

    Ugly. Fucking ugly. Fugly. Kill it.

  6. wisemanthe3rd says:

    @MD. Have plasic surgery. Move on. Start a new life. Or buy a hoodie.

  7. haha says:

    Id plow the shit outta this girl. Great post OP!!! Great pics

  8. Carl I Love The Cock Claypoole says:

    Hi Friends,

    How wide can the anus stretch and what should I do because my anal muscle seems to be unable to close again. I recently used some very wide things and my muscle seems stuck at that diameter. My anal sphincter protrudes between my buttocks and it is embarrassing

    I started using a anal toy about 5″ wide because I saw it once on the internet and used it every day for a while. Thought it would be ok. I don’t have any prolapse but I can’t close my sphincter at all now and it hangs down.

    Much love,

  9. number says:

    lets get that number

  10. Stiff Koch says:

    Car accident face, fucking fuggly!!

  11. thejudge says:

    Who beat this bitch with the ugly stick?

  12. bigyank says:

    wow that body rocks she do anal if not the face ruined it

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cheri Nguyen does every nasty black guy in Missouri & then screams rape. Cheri has herpes and hepatitis and brags she’s going to give it to every bodybuilder she can. Word is traveling & show is Cheri’s legs. Check her fetish porn vids out. Awefilms. com and goes by name Maya Nguyen. Stop her from revengeful std spreading. Cheri posted some nasty lies about her ex that are on here too.

  14. stinger says:

    butter face but tight looking pussy

  15. Silvia Dante says:

    That is nasty. Nigger cock with herpes is the best! WHITE POWER!

  16. pantie sniffer says:

    Look at the panties in pic 12!! They look like they smell soooo good :):):)

  17. ma says:

    look at her FB 1 month after she has ultra sound pic whos the daddy lol

  18. The bigg one says:

    Bitch’s face looks like it came from a pizza parlor, and the piercing doesn’t help it any!

  19. mushytushee says:

    I’d fuck her with a nice set of cock and balls nigger balls and a nice Mexican cock white power fuck heads

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