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MY EX ID # 4335
Added Aug 8, 2013

Sarah Skendrick

25 years old in Kansas City, Missouri


Anonymous 4335 says: Six years on and off. Very believable liar

The key to being a successful liar is to believe what you're saying. She should get into politics - Casey

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  1. KarmaIsABitch says:

    Google “Cheri Maya Nguyen Naked” and you will see a gal that is a pedaphile and is spreading herpe’s and hepatitis to everyone in the MO, KS, FL and Ark areas! She’s spreading diseases revengefully! END REVENGEFUL STD SPREADERS! …END REVENGEFUL STD SPREADERS!! MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO SPREAD STDS PURPOSELY!!….No one deserves to get STDs purposely from this NPC competitor & judge at Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas shows! She’s on awefilms. com under name Maya Nguyen. She’s crazy!

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