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MY EX ID # 6514
Added Oct 1, 2013

Kayla Tepperson

29 years old in Bridgeton, New Jersey

"Office Slut"

Anonymous 6514 says: Ok, I dont know if Im allowed to post these since technically Im not Kaylas ex. But I work with her and shes the biggest office slut Ive ever seen, it makes me and all the other girls in the office sick the way she prances around there and sleeps with all the management guys. She has sucked and fucked her way to good evals, bonuses, and promotions that she doesn't deserve because shes not even that good of a nurse but apparently she gives a helluva bj and they like her big tits. I found these on her supervisors computer and am hoping the top brass sees them and fires her ass.

Office Slut

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  1. peter says:

    she was playing striptease in the office… this girl is definitely a keeper!

  2. donovan says:

    ok we know! you like to suck cock and strip in your work place. big deal?

  3. Dave says:

    Where is her work place I need a new job

  4. will says:

    bro i would bend her over n fuck her right up the ass shell need a wheelchair when im done with her shell walk in to work n wheel the hell out in a wheelchair for sure

  5. Dickdealer says:

    I’d give her great evals too. Sounds like op needs implants or to learn how to suck some dick

  6. KingTut says:

    She can fucking totally receive thy cock. I love fucking work sluts. I once banged a coworker in the freezer at my old job. That was so great lol.

  7. Hardtail says:

    Love to fuck her mouth as my cock slides between those tits

  8. KnicksFan says:

    I bet that big dick dude she is sucking off fucks the shit out her pretty big titty flat tummy ass

  9. BallSack says:

    Ive actually fucked this bitch at a christmas party bout a little over a year ago…this chicks pussy farts like crazy

  10. Titty fan says:

    Thats some awesome tits and nipples mmmmmmmmm

  11. Billy Bob Troy says:

    So this is whats going on inside corporate America… fucking yankee maniacs!

  12. stupididiot says:

    If that’s a big dick I have a monster cock.

  13. Axel says:

    Thats some nice and big tits…she can suck my dick anytime…suck that dick baby

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