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Added Sep 28, 2013

Lisa "Hoe" Lisowski

39 years old in Rome, New York

"Hoe of the year"

Anonymous 6427 says: Shes a whore!

Lisa hoe  lisowski

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7 Responses so far...

  1. good woman says:

    ok . Lil miss jealous bitch. sorry but i dont sleep around. i dont cheat and lie on my man. and this is a form of harassment.i didnt give permission for my pic to be up soo at any rate i should sue this my ex .com

  2. good woman says:

    someone better tell me how to delete this childish bs or im suing the owner of this site and the person who put up my pic miss anonymous jealous girl.grow up

  3. Guy88 says:

    Calm your tits.

  4. garyyab says:

    good luck with that nonsense , you aren’t suing anyone . your a clown with no tits . get over it and move on . :)

  5. Brandon Rettig says:

    So is my wife but call me whores i am horney


  6. Scamadvisor says:

    ******************Uploader of Pics get SCAMMED as well************************* is recording the IP addresses and other data from the uploaders as well and will blackmail you one day. I uploaded some nudes of my exgf and I’ve received an e-mail where they threatened to give her evidence that I uploaded her pics, if I don’t pay them USD 1000!

  7. althehat777 says:

    I smell jealousy from a lesser…..loser. If you cant keep up to the competition, give up the fight or post your own pics and let the jury decide

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