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MY EX ID # 1797
Added Jun 19, 2013

Caymie Collier

23 years old in City Of Cincinnati, Ohio

"Cum Dumpster"

Anonymous1797 says:This girl was filled with my cum constantly. even after breaking up she would come by begging for my cum.

She's just doing her duty. --Casey

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3 Responses so far...

  1. tw says:

    She is sexy ass hell!

  2. mclovin says:

    Holy shit that’s hot

  3. Joseph Charles says:

    Caymie, seeing these pics, I gotta tell you straight up that I jerk off thinking of you just about every night. Stop by the store sometime and let’s get a drink. I’ll try to be a gentleman and not pork you in the dressing room…unless you really want it!!

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