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MY EX ID # 4833
Added Aug 19, 2013

Rachel Walters

21 years old in Fayetteville, Ohio

"cheater, biggest lier ever"

Anonymous 4833 says: Sends the same pics to multiple guys. Fucks your best friends. Has multiple relationships at once. Horrible Person.

Say what you will, but hat body belongs in porn - Casey

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5 Responses so far...

  1. MythBusterNut says:

    Dafuq?! – The floating baby head really put me off… lol

  2. Fufu says:

    She does screw lots. Including me. It’s worth it. She loves do

  3. ohioguyhere says:

    Good fuck, will do ANYTHING just watch out she has been with over 30 guys that I know of, its just a matter of time!


    Awesome post

  5. Warning says:

    HPV!!! Watch out!!!

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