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Added Nov 17, 2013

Ashley Hicks- Caramela

21 years old in Elmore City, Oklahoma

"baby mama"

Anonymous 8857 says: Not only did i fuck around and get her knocked up once.. but twice. Crazy chica, met a Guy and is engaged after knowing him.for maybe a month and is pregnant with his kid. Lol

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10 Responses so far...

  1. Blaze says:

    I wanna play with those titties with my hard D
    2542172935 call me

  2. okie101 says:

    Lol I know this chick! She’s Bayshit crazy!

  3. Ashely says:

    I bet u don’t u stupid fuck. Seems like u like stalking mine and my husband naked pics r I that fucking twisted in the head lol

  4. okie101 says:

    Lol, learn to spell stupid Fuck.

  5. studmuffin says:

    Hahahaha! I went to school with this slut! Nice Big floppy tits Ashley !

  6. studmuffin says: add her my oklahoma friends

  7. adamc says:

    Gross, is she fucking pregnant or just a fat fuck?

  8. badgers09 says:

    Stalking? Your a dumb bitch its a revenge site. Thanks by the way for telling everyone on Fb your were on here.. your not to smart are you?

  9. honeybadger says:

    I went to school with her too! She’s alright, I’d lay a fuckin on her she wouldn’t forget! She needs to stop messing around with all these low life boys and let me show her how a man would treat her! Damn Ashley you got it going on! Hit me up!!

  10. Cum dumpster says:

    Unless you plan on being baby daddy 5, 6, or 7; would steer clear of this one. She is nothing but a cum dumpster who cant close her legs to save her life. Betcha thse photos make her momma and daddy proud since the whole world has seen them.

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