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Added Jul 14, 2013

Lisa "Maeday" Ellis

20 years old in Stilwell, Oklahoma


Anonymous2968 says:I was deployed to afghanastan and she cheated on me and got pregnant.

That sucks, bro. Stay strong! - Casey

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5 Responses so far...

  1. Badman says:

    Damn dude I feel bad for ya. You soldiers cop shit on the front line while she’s coping it in the back door back home. Sluts that cheat on soldiers ain’t worth the time of day. If you managed to get her, then I’d say you’ll find another hot ass chick to be with quick smart

  2. Jealous says:

    Holy hell! I wanna eat her!

  3. anonymous615 says:

    Agree with bad man, thanks for your service.

  4. john says:

    as a navy guy thats deployed to afghan twice…thanks for your service brother and stay strong. good job with the “make her famous” post. these girls dont deserve real men.

  5. tiberius70 says:

    I really want to fuck this pig

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