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MY EX ID # 5095
Added Aug 26, 2013

Tara Murrell

19 years old in Batesburg, South Carolina

"Used her to get a threesome!"

Anonymous 5095 says: Hey Casey! First time poster here! I met this chick online, talked for an hour and she started calling me her boyfriend. Only reason I allowed it because she didnt fuck anyone who wasnt her boyfriend. Our first time meeting, plowed her ass for about an hour. Second time meeting, she let me fuck her best friend in a threesome. Funny thing is, she is an annoying bitch who hated me after I ended up making out with her best friend during the threesome so she wanted nothing to do with me anymore. Thats okay, me and her best friend still fuck all the time! God I love 18 year olds! Her pics to soon follow lol.

Threesomes always sound like a good idea at the time - Casey

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2 Responses so far...

  1. dbd says:

    What’s the friends name

  2. jimmy says:

    i like her she is sexy got the fuck me look on her face

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