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MY EX ID # 8792
Added Nov 16, 2013

Crystal "Bby Girl" Seguin

26 years old in San Antonio, Texas


Anonymous 8792 says: Little stupid slut she steals and sucks and gets fucked all ways from sunday for some xanix. Ice. And dont forget her herion shell take it in the ass pussy and mouth for a dime of brown and a pill.... not to mention eating dirty hoes out for a little bit of ice

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  1. Harry Crumb says:


  2. BigOne says:

    Nice clit Crystal. Love to see it in person.

  3. Black Nigga Purple says:

    you forgot to mention her favorite is snorting this dick cheese on my big black cock after jerking off for a month straight with no showers. she snorts this parmesan cheese crusted tip harder then a meth addict straight out of rehab. she nostril sucks this mushroom tip so hard she blacked out a couple times and forgot where she was

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