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Added Jun 1, 2013

Julie "Jules" Richardson

43 years old in Carnation, Washington

"oh Julie"

Anonymous1370 says: Casey this is Julie Robertson. She loves being blacked and has been ganged banged 5 times by black guys and participates in bukkake parties.

Nobody at that public pool notices the topless middle aged woman reading books. --Casey

Slut JulieSlut Julie

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4 Responses so far...

  1. naughty trucker says:

    Hey i chat with her on a nudist site!

  2. Desmond says:

    Hi Guys

    She’s some hot fucking slut, I’ve been fucking her now with my black brothers, 8 of us, for the last 3 months and boy does she know how to take 11 inches of black cock in her three holes. She is one hot MILF that love being filled with black seed till her holes will take not more then loves have more over her face.

  3. BlazerSativa says:

    Hey, she’s my neighbor. If some black dude wants to hit that shit, c’mon out to The Nation, we got cows, boy do we have cows. This also happens to be the most racist town on the west coast, usually the boys out here would lynch you for doing their women, but this one, y’all can have!

  4. TheSpecialOne says:

    julie give us a wave !

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